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Limited time offer. One per patron

we do things differently

by making posture a priority

Beyond just standing up straight, we look at posture as how your spine, hips and ribcage can all align and functionally breathe in gravity, at rest and in movement. We use various techniques of breathing, decompression and re-tensioning, to reorganize the spine, hips and ribcage to enable you to create better integrative tension in your body and lasting changes in how you move overall. The best part is we will greatly increase the capacity of work which you can safely do.

and utilizing myofascial release techniques

Most people don't know this, but our muscles are actually wrapped in this web-like substance called fascia. Due to certain dysfunctional patterns - like sitting - the fascia can develop "knots" or "sticking points" where we then lose access to certain ranges of motion. Your body will ultimately learn new movement patterns to compensate for this, and in time, lose function or develop pain or even injury. We use "self-administered Massage" or Myofascial Release, to help release these "knots" and to make the tissue as a whole more pliable. This allows you to more easily restore posture and movement patterns through our various techniques.

we train human biomechanics

by incorporating breathing techniques

Movement is breathing, and sound, efficient movement does not happen without efficient breathing patterns. Through breathing techniques and different corrective techniques, we will reestablish the diaphragm in its vital role, as well as decompressing the spine and ribcage, and prepare your body as a whole for our more advanced movements.

by prioritizing the Gait Cycle

Whether you're any level of athlete or just navigating daily life, all humans rely on the same basic fundamentals in order to complete their task - standing, walking, running and throwing. This is why most of our training is centred around the Gait cycle. This approach allows us to help you feel strong and move better at your sport, or at the same time better preparing you for the rest of the day when you're just being a human.




                       PT PRICES

1 session -$70

3 sessions  -$150 **

8 sessions  -$480

12 sessions  -$720

16 sessions -$945



**current special

*group workout rates available from $65 - $75.

Please contact us if interested.

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