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work with kelsey

functional breathing assessessment

comprehensive assessment of your basic lung function and all functions of the breath

If you're tired of dealing with unexplained shortness of breath, or wondering if you have a dysfunctional breathing pattern that could be impacting your your health, movement, and overall wellbeing, a functional breathing assessment may help you find some answers.


This is a comprehensive assessment that looks at basic lung function through spirometry, as well as the biochemical, biomechanical, and psychophysiological components of your breath.  You will gain a better understanding of your breath and as a result, a better understanding of your overall health and wellbeing.

BREathing rehabilitation (1:1)

a tailored program that will give you the tools to help you heal and restore your breathing 

Ready to breathe, move, and live better? This 6 session program will allow you to better understand the link between your breathing and the symptoms you're experiencing.  After an initial assessment we will work through a tailored program that will give you the tools to help you heal and restore your breathing to a more functional and natural pattern - one that is efficient and supportive to health.

the breath + posture class

a group class that prioritizes the breath and the posture

This is a 45 minute slow and restorative movement practice that promotes good posture, better breathing, and helps improve overall movement patterns.  

If you are looking to improve joint mobility, core function, mind-body awareness and down regulate your nervous system - this class is for you. 


Kelsey Rivard

Registered Respiratory Therapist
Buteyko Breathing Practitioner

BradCliff Breathing Level 2 Practitioner

Heart Math Practitioner
Certified Breathwork Facilitator

Yoga + Meditation Teacher

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