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welcome kelsey

to the movement 190 team!

Our workouts are based on the biomechanics of the human body and prioritize the essentials- standing, walking, running and throwing mechanics - to help eliminate your pain, get strong and promote a healthy lifestyle. 

Using Functional Patterns techniques and a variety of breathing and posture tools, we will train your body's natural positions and movement patterns, to enhance your coordination and balance and help reduce risk of break-down. We invite you to try this restorative approach to fitness that can empower you to your strongest self while staying pain free. 


move without limitations

what we currently offer

Movement Assessment

This comprehensive 1 hour assessment includes an in-depth look at your posture, gait analysis as well as your goals. This will allow us to understand movement capacities within your body and discuss a movement plan tailored to your current abilities as well as your big movement plans.

private + semi-private training

These workouts offer a personalized approach , focusing on specific issues and promoting desired changes. Lee works with your current abilities to facilitate changes in your movement patterns, especially in the gait cycle. This allows for overall improvement in movement efficiency, posture and general conditioning.

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