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Breath + posture
with kelsey

what is a breath + posture workout?


This is a fun movement practice centred around the breath and the posture. Kelsey, a registered Respiratory Therapist, running aficionado and breathing expert, will lead you through a  45 minute workout "flow" designed to help

restore a stronger baseline function of breathing and movement biomechanics.  

Meet kelsey

Registered Respiratory Therapist
Buteyko Breathing Practitioner

BradCliff Breathing Level 2 Practitioner

Heart Math Practitioner
Certified Breathwork Facilitator

Yoga + Meditation Teacher


What you'll get from these workouts

•a deeper understanding of posture, movement and breathing and how it all affects the nervous system


•useful tools for rebalancing muscle/ fascial tension as well as maintaining a more functional posture long-term

•restored function of the diaphragm as well as other core muscles


•restored core stability and integration in to practical everyday function

•improved everyday breath and in turn, improved quality of life

•restore and unlock essential movement patterns and positions and learn important cues of breathing to help maintain

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